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"With a heavy, broken heart when my husband died, I walked into the door of the Until Healing Comes group meeting sponsored by The GriefCare Place. I knew I was in the right place because I was able to breathe, there were people there just like me, hurting, confused, scared and feeling so alone. All the emotions of grieving were foreign to me and I could not believe how intense the pain was. I knew I had to do this for me for my mental health.  

I went to all the meetings of Until Healing Comes, as well as the Widows meeting and gradually was able to understand and grieve in a healthy way. We did not just come together to cry and tell our story, but learned how to bring new meaning to our life. Over 2 years have passed since my husband's death and I can say that I am steady, able to think and reason clearly, make 'big' decisions on my own and function in my 'new normal' life. It will never be the same, I know that, but, I look forward to what's ahead. I have no idea what that tomorrow will look like; I just deal with today because that's all we have, a griever knows that all too well.  

Thank you to all who went before me and helped me along and to my friend, Lou-Ann Redmon, Founder and Director of The GriefCare Place, for following the tugging on your heart to help all us emotionally crippled people that would over the years walk through the door."  

- Anonymous, Widow  

“The understanding, the support and encouragement of the volunteers, staff and those in the support group have made the grief journey bearable. It was comforting to know that my emotional experiences were normal and that I was not losing my mind.”  

- B.O., Adult Daughter  

“The class helped me realize that it’s okay to cry. My favorite part of all the sessions was at the very last class. We all wrote a note to our loved one we lost; I wrote mine to my grandpa. Then, we stapled them to balloons, and let them go outside, so that they would get to heaven. This class helped me a lot.”

  - C., Girl Age 11  

“I was so thankful to find a place that I could connect with other parents that had suffered such a devastating loss. I’m so thankful for all the caring people at The GriefCare Place. They gave me hope when I never thought I would have it again. I felt safe, surrounded by caring, loving people that showed me the courage to go on without my child.”  

- C.H., Mother  

“We learned how to laugh once again and most of my ‘new life’ is a direct result of attending those meetings. I was helped immensely – I have now become a helper.”  

- E.N., Widow  

“At The GriefCare Place I experienced a loving, gentle guidance that helped me get through the grief process. I learned I always wouldn’t feel so sad; that over time healing would come. Indeed it does.”  

- Anonymous  

“The help offered by Lou-Ann Redmon and her associates has been very rewarding, and I might add, life saving to me. I pray for their continuing guidance and am very pleased to recommend them to all who are in the process of recovery.”  

- R.P., Widower  

“The grief center brought light into my darkness by letting me be able to express my feelings without feeling restricted. I was able to go to Teen Time and share my experiences with those who could understand my circumstance. Thank you Teen Time for being there when I needed to talk about my father’s death.”  

- J.T., Teenage Girl  

“There is such a sense of caring with everyone associated with The GriefCare Place that it is hard to describe. I can only encourage any one experiencing the loss of a loved one to go and attend the meetings. It will not fail to help you in such a terrible time; we don’t have to suffer alone.”  

- Anonymous, Widow  

“It was a safe place to show all your emotions, and say what you wanted to say. The leadership staff at The GriefCare Place works very hard at showing you there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It was a long tunnel for me; I would not have made it without their help, but I eventually found it and I cannot thank them enough for their time, patience and dedication to our parents group.”  

- M.F., Mother  

“It is a place where we can express our loneliness, anger, pain and sadness and know that others understand. And it is the only place I have left feeling hopeful that in the future I will be able to feel ‘normal’ again and enjoy the memories of him and laugh again with the four beautiful children we share.”  

- C.S., Widow  

“They understood how I felt. They allowed me to grieve in my own way and in my own time frame. Always understanding, always listening, never telling me what I should or shouldn’t do. Because The GriefCare Place was there for me, I have been able to go on with life.”  

- D.D., Widower  

“The wealth of information that The GriefCare Place provides offers much comfort and assurance that life can be good again.”  

- M.T.  

“I loved it! You could really share your feelings and see that you’re not the only one that is in a difficult situation, or suffering from a loss. You get a lot of friends that feel how you feel. You learn how to grieve and solve your problems, and have lots of fun!”  - D., Girl Age 12  “Thank you for being a place those grieving can always turn to, the one we can always count on, The GriefCare Place.”  

- B.M., Widow  

“I really didn’t think I needed a support group. I had been stronger than I ever thought possible the first 3 to 4 months after my husband’s death. But, at the suggestion of a neighbor and a small blurb in the Stow newspaper, I asked a friend who was also recently widowed to go with me to this class called Until Healing Comes.  

We knew before the end of that first evening that we were really glad we had come. You can tell that a lot of thought has gone into the structure of the classes and, even though the program has been around for some time, you know that LouAnn, Christina, and the volunteers are truly interested in helping each one of us — no matter how many times they’ve done it. Each topic covered plays an essential role in what we are experiencing as we heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. And as the weeks progressed, we could see that we were indeed moving in a positive direction.  

I’m not sure if I would feel as complete as I do today if it weren’t for The GriefCare Place and this program. Knowing that my thoughts, my actions, my fears, the wide range of emotions are all normal has been an enormous relief. Even though I knew it intellectually, I needed to be with others feeling the same thing to affirm that it is okay. There is great comfort in hearing someone else express what’s going on in your mind… and it’s great to make new friends who share this common bond. It definitely helps open the door to the next chapter of our lives and lets the light come in. Because of it, we’re all one step closer to crossing the threshold.”  

- K.H., Widow  

“When our son was killed in an automobile accident, The GriefCare Place was recommended to us by our friend, Rev. Paul Sartarelli. He said that it would help us in the grief process. This we have found to be true. The programs that Carole Hegedus and Kim present give us comfort and solace. In our opinion, they are second to none. We greatly appreciate the time, effort, and money that it takes The GriefCare Place to initiate these programs.”  

- M.M., Mother  

“My name is Larry Large. My son, Sgt. Bryan W. Large U.S. Army 82nd Airborne, Medic, was killed in action in Haqlaniyait, Iraq on Oct. 3, 2005. This was my son’s 3rd combat tour. Even though as a father and veteran I had thought and worried about Bryan, nothing could prepare myself or my family for the struggle with daily life since Oct. 3, 2005. I attend the monthly meetings, and talk with other parents who have lost children. Gone is gone, no matter how it happened. The pain of losing my son will never go away, but talking with others who are in the same place you are helps. I wonder sometimes, what I would have done if I didn’t have these meetings to look forward to. Together we help each other. Life is only as lonely as you let it be. Thank you.”  

- Larry W. Large, Father  

“I am a changed and healing woman as a direct result of your groups. I was depressed and desperate when I arrived on your doorstep. All of my training in grief counseling was ineffective in curing myself. What you have to offer is priceless. You are a competent and gifted counselor and the world is a better place for having you here. You have dedicated your life in the best suited fashion. It is an honor to know you. Thank you, Lou-Ann, for showing me the light.”  

- Julie Gonzalez Woodward, Widow